Quick Commentary on Cancellation…

During this time of sorrow as we mourn the loss of our beloved new shows, MIDWEST MO and MIDWEST MIKE are taking the news about LAST RESORT especially hard.  And admittedly, it’s difficult to see grown men cry.  Like seriously, it’s some major waterworks in our mid week staff meetings.

The other major cancellation was one that I held dear, 666 PARK AVENUE.  But I’m not nearly as upset about this as my colleagues.  Actually, I never really anticipated the show to get into a second season.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

666 PARK AVENUE always struck me as more of an elongated movie than a TV series and had a fairly narrow scope of story.  When the secrets of the building are discovered and the big reveal happens for the finale, it’s not like you can move down the street to 667 PARK AVENUE, and bringing in new tenants would instantly get monotonous.  Similar reason why “The Shining Part 2” doesn’t exist (and why The Exorcist 2 and 3 shouldn’t exist).

Granted, AMERICAN HORROR STORY was able to buck the trend by using a season-by-season anthology approach with recurring cast… but the universe of 666 Park Avenue would not mesh nicely with the same idea.

I am pretty happy in the sense that ABC didn’t cancel the show mid stream and will continue playing through the rest of the 13 episode season.  Additionally, it is reported that the show’s creators are retooling the finale to provide the series a certain level of closure.  At least the networks care a teeny tiny bit…

Show 666 Park Avenue some farewell love by catching it on Sundays at 9:00 post meridiem (central time).  Past episodes run for free on abc.com.