Quantum Leap Is Back

Ok, ok, ok, so maybe I lied to get your attention with the whole Quantum Leap is back thing.  However, a new show that reminded me of Quantum Leap premiered last night and like Katy Perry kissing girls, I kinda liked it.

Yes, I know I’m like 50 words into this post and I haven’t yet mentioned the name of the show.  Honestly I thought about writing this entire post being coy and wittily avoiding mentioning the name of the show.  The problem is that I’m just not that witty.

So for our 3 hardcore fans that hang on every word we say and have followed me to this point, let’s talk about Timeless.  The premise of the show thrusts three unlikely people together to travel through time to battle unknown criminals who, for reasons that weren’t explained in the pilot, are trying to change history.

Let’s get this out of the way first.  If you’re one of those people who can’t suspend reality even a bit to enjoy a show, don’t watch.  I’ll let you in on a secret, NBC did not crack time travel and then decide to release this big secret last night.  This isn’t Finding Bigfoot, where they found him right?

Also, if you’re one of those type of people who can’t stand a show like the Goldberg’s that continually mixes up it’s timeline to suit it’s storyline, this show probably isn’t for you.  Although to be fair, I’m not a history guy so I believe everything in last nights show was was historically accurate.


What I like about the show is that it’s basically an update to the time travel genre but in high def.  Visually the show is entertaining.  Also, if you aren’t an Abigail Spencer fan, where’ve you been? Also a shout out to Malcolm Barrett from his Better Off Ted days, funny guy.

Timeless is not going to change the history of television like say Lost or Person of Interest, but if you like pretty pictures and feeling like you’re learning at the same time, Timeless is for you.