Product Placements – Painful TV

So I’m watching BONES last night and the characters are off to interrogate a suspect.  As they hop into their Toyota Prius, one of the characters goes on about how great the new voice activated navigation system is and a painful discussion about how they won’t need maps anymore ensues.

Here is a clip of what I am talking about:

So I did some research and the numbers are not good.  In the average hour long show, there are 18 minutes of commercials.    In 1960, the average was 9 minutes of commercials.  That’s an astounding 100% increase in the amount of commercials aired.

If you add the amount of time devoted to product placement, an hour long show easily contains less then 40 minutes of content.  I know I’m getting older, and probably sound a little like Andy Rooney (for our younger readers go here), but in my day something something and I don’t like it.

I’m sure as we head into the Holiday Season, it will get better (Christmas Season for my FOX NEWS followers).