Private Lives of Nashville Wives



Private Lives of Nashville Wives premiers this Monday on TNT.  Sure there’s already a bunch of reality shows featuring crazy women all trying to pull each others weave out, but now we get all that plus god forsaken country music.

To be honest, I don’t even really get the point of the show.  Are these woman married to Nashville power brokers and we’re getting a glimpse behind the scenes kind of like a Real Housewife of wherever?  The promos seem to show the women trying to make it in the country music business.  If that’s the case, why did they limit themselves to just wives?

Tina Form Nashville WivesReading about the cast members doesn’t make it any clearer.  Meet Tina.  According to TNT’s website she’s married to one of Nashville’s top dentists.  I kid you not that’s what the show’s website says.  Exactly what is a top Nashville dentist?  Isn’t the average Tennessean missing 3-5 teeth?  Maybe I’m thinking West Virgina.   There’s more about how she likes to wear “bling”  and ride horses.  I know, she’s probably exhausted trying to spend it all, I mean have it all.  Of course there’s no mention of Nashville music so maybe it’s not about the music.


But than there’s Sarah Davidson.  She’s married to some guy who has apparently written 16 #1 songs and is super in demand (i.e. rich).  She’s been in Nashville struggling to make it on her own but just can’t catch a break.  It might have something to do with her lack of talent but look at her.  Seriously, I’m guessing not many people say no to her.

So if you’re looking for another show featuring women in short skits and ridiculous situations this could be for you.  You ever notice how there’s never a show about the real husbands of somewhere.  I guess only crazy sells.