Premier Night on FX

The Vice Presidential candidates are debating tonight but I’m giving you something much better to watch that will have more of an effect on your life then who our VP is:  The FX Network tonight.

It’s premier night on FX and we are premiering two of the funniest shows on TV.  IT’S AWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and THE LEAGUE.

Season 8 of SUNNY premiers tonight at 9pm and if you haven’t been watching, count yourself as one of the unwashed masses.  You need to be watching this show.  I consider it to be a Seinfeld-type show only with much more horrible people.  Here is a joke trailer for season 8:

Trust me, and you should, you want to be watching this show.  If you have a Netflix or other similar account, go back and catch up.  You will need to know about these people before you just jump right in.


The other premier tonight is THE LEAGUE which premiers on the FX Network tonight at 9:30pm.  If you have to pick just one of the two, go with this one.  You don’t really need to know the back story (but you will love catching up on previous seasons) to get right in to this one.  A lot of people were initially turned off by this show because they thought it was just about a fantasy football league.  Trust me, it’s not just about that.  The fantasy league is part of this but you don’t have to know anything about fantasy football, or even anything about footall to enjoy this show.  It’s an ensemble comedy show where every piece of it works together and is just…right.  Here is their trailer for this coming season:

So here are a couple of options for tonight if you are not all that interested in the VP debate.  Trust me, this will be an hour of your time much better spent.