Pope Francis – I’m Not Catholic But I Love This Guy

We don’t talk politics or religion over here often for a few reasons.  Mostly because God obviously hates Hollywood, which is why it’s been harder for them to make billions of dollars lately.  Also, some of you actually threaten to kill us when we talk poorly about 2 Broke Girls, we don’t even want to think what you’d do if we talked about religion.

But I’m sitting in my office putting off doing actual work and I see this story on WGN morning news.  Pope Francis has a deal – follow him on Twitter and he will shorten your purgatory stay.

Come on, that’s freaking awesome.  The Catholic Church is wheeling and dealing.  You can imagine how this type of tit for tat (probably a poor choice of words) appeals to me being from Chicago and all.  Everything’s for sale here and you only get to vote twice.