Phil Dunphy Suffers from Ted Mosby Syndrome?

I know this post will not necessarily go over well with MIDWEST MIKE.  As it doesn’t relate to zombies, I don’t think MIDWEST MARK will even read this post.  However, you may recall a segment where we discussed Ted Mosby Syndrome.

Basically, it’s where a show is good, but there is one character that makes it hard to watch.  For example, Ted Mosby on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER or George on SEINFELD.

I’m watching MODERN FAMILY last night and Phil test drives a Harley that is his father-in-laws.  He manages to drive it far enough away to get to a remote spot.  He stops and the motorcycle falls on him and he is stuck.  From there it’s basically a parody of 127 HOURS.  I couldn’t take most of his scenes and had to fast forward through them.

I couldn’t find that clip on Youtube, but in support of my case, I offer the following clip: