The Pete Holmes Show

pete holmes showThe Pete Holmes Show premiered on TBS last night. I talked about Pete Holmes a couple of weeks ago when they released this clip of Professor Xavier firing Wolverine that was very funny.

If you don’t know who Pete Holmes is don’t worry, you are probably not alone (he’s the voice of the E*Trade baby FYI).  Not knowing who he is does not mean that this guy is not very funny.  Head inside and we’ll show you some clips from the premiere of The Pete Holmes Show that are funny and that make this show something you might want to watch.

Here is the first clip.  This is the first monologue from The Pete Holmes Show. In this clip, Pete tells a story about going to an Enrique Iglesias concert:


Pete Holmes used to do warm up for Jon Stewart before The Daily Show. In this clip, Pete visits the set of The Daily Show to get tips from Jon on how to be a good talk show host:


Pete’s first guest is one of his best friends, Kumail Nanjiana. If you are thinking to yourself “who?” Again, don’t worry, even Kumail knows you are thinking that and you probably think he’s from The Big Bang Theory:


I laughed quite a bit during the premiere of The Pete Holmes Show. I don’t know of a better test than that to tell me if a show is funny and worth watching. This show is only 30 minutes long so it doesn’t take a huge time investment and it’s perfect to DVR so without commercials, you are down to just 22 minutes.  I’m adding this to my DVR for regular watching.

The Pete Holmes Show airs on TBS weeknights at 11:00 right after The Conan O’Brien Show.