The Pete Holmes Show for The Men’s Wearhouse

pete holmes showYou all know I’m a big fan of The Pete Holmes Show. I think it’s very funny. Judging from the lack of clicks on any of the posts I’ve done about Pete Holmes, I can see that just about all of you disagree with me. Some people would be ok with that. They would say that it’s ok for people to have different opinions, likes, and dislikes. I am not some people. I’m going to drag you people in to The Pete Holmes Show kicking and screaming. You will bow to my will. Here is another funny video from the show that’s a parody of The Men’s Wearhouse commercials. If you didn’t know, Men’s Wearhouse is being sued by someone who did not like the way they look. The lawsuit results in some necessary changes in the language used in the commercials and George is not happy about it. Check out The Pete Holmes Show for The Men’s Wearhouse:


The Pete Holmes Show airs on TBS weeknights at 11:00 right after Conan.