The Pete Holmes Show – Batman vs. Superman

pete holmes show batman vs supermanI’ve already written once about The Pete Holmes Show and how funny it is. ┬áThis is the end of the first week of shows and it is starting to catch on. Earlier this week, Pete interviewed Houston Rockets star James Harden and I have seen the video all over the internet in the last few days. Pete’s interview style is hilariously funny. It feels like he’s Chris Farley doing in interview on SNL. I love his genuine glee when someone else says something funny.

The Pete Holmes show is just 30 minutes long. It’s a very easy watch. I recommend DVRing it so you can cut out the commercials and save even more time just focused on the funny. Here is a clip from tonight’s show that Pete Holmes did in collaboration with College Humor. This is Batman vs. Superman and it’s very funny.


The Pete Holmes Show airs on TBS weeknights at 10:00.