Pete Holmes is Batman in Good Will Hunting

batman in good will huntingThis is the 2nd show that I’m writing about tonight that I know just about none of you are watching. I’ve talked about The Pete Holmes Show before and yet I feel like none of you are following my orders to watch the show. I posted a previous video from Pete Holmes called Batman vs. Superman which was hysterically funny. Batman is one of Pete’s best characters. On last night’s show, Pete did another Batman skit and if you are a fan of Good Will Hunting, you have to see it.

Since Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman, Pete Holmes thought it would be a good idea to go back and re-do the movie that made Ben famous.

Pete Holmes is Batman in Good Will Hunting:


The Pete Holmes Show airs on TBS weeknights at 10:00 right after Conan. It’s a 30 minute show and if it’s on too late for you, DVR it. It’s only about 22 minutes if you DVR. It’s a perfect quick comedy show that doesn’t take a huge time commitment. What do I have to do? Beg you to watch? Is that it?

EDIT: sadly, the Pete Holmes Show was cancelled. I love Pete. He’s one of my favorite comedians. I’m sure that even though his show is gone, he will still be a huge success.