Perception – Ted Mosby Syndrome

Perception is a fun summer show that airs on TNT about a quirky neuroscientist that helps the FBI solve complex crimes.

It’s set at the fictional Chicago Lake Michigan University, which on the show is basically either Northwestern or University of Chicago, not that it matters.  But the setting is fun as they often times reference actual Chicago area suburbs.

Anyway, I’m getting away from the lead of the story which is this show has a severe Ted Mosby problem.  To recap, Ted Mosby Syndrome or TMS (editor’s note – Midwest Mike has asserted TM rights to this term)  is where a show is good in spite of the main character being truly annoying and hard to watch.  Don’t just take our word for it, Edward Rathke wrote a detailed analysis of this very common, yet incurable affliction. 

This is not the first time Eric McCormack has attempted to ruin a show.  No, he was easily the most difficult part to watch on Will & Grace.  So much so that had doctors had the same technology that is available today, this disease might very well be known as Eric McCormack Syndrome.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for TMS.  You can’t exactly kill off the main character of the show.  We know Ted Mosby isn’t dead, he starts every episode talking to his kids.  Maybe Perception could try finding a less annoying neuroscientist to play the lead.  The last time such a risky actordectomy was even attempted was on the show Bewitched.  The difference is that Darren was actually liked by people.  Replacing a true Ted Mosby has never been attempted.

Bottom line, I like and watch Perception every week.  I just feel it my duty to warn you that the show has an incurable but apparently not terminal disease and that you should watch with care.

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  1. Midwest Mike // July 22, 2013 at 9:27 am //

    I get no credit at all for coining the term Ted Moseby syndrome? I am the one that came up with it BTW.

    • I didn’t take any credit for it, I merely referenced it. I back linked to another article and was going to include a back link to your post but wanted to keep the post short and clean.

      I didn’t think you would be so petty as to demand a reference for every idea that was yours. I stand corrected. So to the other 11 readers, this was originally Midwest Mike’s concept. He got it wrong though in his Suburgatory post as I actually kind of like Tessa.

      • Midwest Mike // July 22, 2013 at 3:42 pm //

        I started the band wagon. Now HIMYM wants to pretend that they have hated Ted all along?

  2. Bill McNicholas // July 22, 2013 at 9:04 am //

    Though I agree of your assesment of the lead male actor. Rachel Leigh Cook is the reason I watch. Plus every week there is usually other eye candy around as well.

    • She is hot, she was on Psych playing Sean’s girlfriend for quite a while. Just a blatant Psych plug, as it’s one of my favorite shows.

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