Pee Wee Herman Heading to Netflix

Pee Wee Herman heading to netflix

We reported not that long ago that there were rumors of a possible Pee Wee Herman project being kicked around Hollywood. There is word today that the rumors appear to be true. Yes kids, Pee Wee is probably coming back.

It’s been reported that there is nearly a deal in place to bring a new Pee Wee’s Big Adventure movie directly to Netflix. The project was previously rumored to be with Universal but a spokesman for Universal has said that they no longer are working on the project.  Reportedly the new movie will be produced by Judd Apatow through his Apatow Productions company.

First, since it’s being produced by Apatow, that means that Leslie Mann will be working again. I’m sure it will also have every one of Apatow’s kids in it as well since he can’t stop putting family members in movies he produces. I don’t really have a problem with that though because I actually kind of like Leslie Mann.

The new movie has been written by Paul Reubens himself along with comedian Paul Rust (he was a writer on Arrested Development). There are no details on plot or a story line but Reubens said that production could start as soon as February as long as everything else falls in to place.

So what does this mean? I’m not sold on this. I was a big fan of Pee Wee but it’s been a long time. Most of us that were fans of his are in our 40s now. Have you ever gone back to watch either of those movies? They don’t hold up very well. Now you want me to get on board with another one? Umm. We’ll see.

I feel more that this is going to be about taking a chance to cash in one more time on the character that made Reubens famous. It’s been long enough that people will at least be interested to check in on the movie. Since it’s not going to be released in theaters, there is no risk of box office failure. Netflix doesn’t ever release viewer data so we’ll never really know if it’s a success or not. Either way, everyone involved will have already gotten paid.

I’ll check it out but I’m not hopeful for anything good.

Pee Wee Herman heading to netflix