Payless Shoes Commercial

Saw this ad the other day and thought I’d give some kudos to the good folks at Payless for their recent commercial.  What’s impressive is for a company to completely ignore the pressure to cast an attractive woman in their ad.  Also, for thinking their female target market is anything more than shut-in hoarders that eat a lot of cake and like to buy cheap shoes.

So many companies nowadays feel the need to cast ridiculously hot woman doing things they wouldn’t ever do like eating a quarter pounder with cheese or doing math.

Nope, Payless seems to recognize that their average customer mostly likes to shop at flea markets but will occasionally splurge by going to a highfalutin department store.  Payless has done their research and knows that their average shopper owns 11.4 cats and that they need someone they can relate to.

I know I know, I’m probably being a little harsh on this woman.  It’s OK, she has her cats and her bangs look like they will get in the way of her ever being able to read this post.  Don’t even get me started on bangs.  I freaking hate bangs.