Patton Oswalt’s Parks and Rec Filibuster Scene

Patton+Oswalt+Premiere+FX+Justified+Season+ggSXKwt2e0OxPARKS AND RECREATION.  I don’t watch PARKS AND RECREATION.  And I’m not going to watch PARKS AND RECREATION.  But I do watch PATTON OSWALT and appreciate him both as a comedian and as his brilliant guest-starring stint on season 4 of JUSTIFIED.

A special thank you to MWTVG superfan MIDWEST MILLER for pointing this out… PATTON OSWALT recently filmed a fantastically detailed  eight minute tirade filibuster channeling his inner Rand Paul on the floor of the town’s council meeting on PARKS AND REC.  The best part?  It’s completely unscripted and totally hilarious.  Chewbacca’s severed head?  Count me in.

This dude clearly knows what he’s talking about.  He publicly advocates for a ‘three franchise tie-in’ among STAR WARS, THE AVENGERS, and CLASH OF THE TITANS sprinkling in a little X-MEN at the end.  To be honest here (don’t lie, you’re thinking it too), I would probably watch his movie pitch.

“I need to do a Marco Rubio, can we please cut.”