Party Down South Season 2 Confirmed

party down south season 2

party down south season 2I have to tell you a secret. I’m really becoming a fan of Party Down South. I know I know that might make me an idiot but I can’t help it. I blame having to watch The Bachelor for dumbing me down to this point. The good news for me now is that Party Down South season 2 has been confirmed.

Season 2 was in jeopardy because the cast members were holding out for a giant pay raise. Currently they are getting paid $500 per episode for the show. They were asking for a raise to $7500 per episode and were threatening to hold out until they got their demands.  The hold out lasted all of a couple of days and the cast folded like the long-gone virtue of one of the girls from the show.

Why is the cast asking for a big pay raise? You might be surprised to read this but, Party Down South is the most successful show in the history of CMT. In the history. Of all time. Of all the shows they have ever had, Party Down South is the most successful. The kids want to get their cut of the loot.

For their part, CMT is playing hardball with the cast. They have said that the cast signed contracts through season 2 so that’s it. They are not in the mood to re-negotiate any deals. They did say though that there will be raises for season 3 but that is a long way away and a 3rd season is not guaranteed in any way.

I never watched Jersey Shore so I don’t know what there is for the cast to do for more than a season or two. There is only so much partying they can do and we can watch. If the show continues, I’m sure they’ll have to add cast members to stir the pot and they’ll probably switch locations and give them a job that will cause more trouble for them than the one they are currently working on the show (yes I’ve given this some thought).

I’ve interacted with the cast a bit on Twitter during the course of this season and I reached out for comment about the pay dispute and season 2 but did not get any response.

If you haven’t seen any of this show, here is the trailer from CMT.

Party Down South Season 2 Confirmed


Party Down South airs on CMT Thursdays at 9:00.