This is a very bad show people.  The premise of the show is that two life long friends work together and one is gay the other is not.  So the issue last night was that the straight guy asked his fiance to move in with him.  She was upset because the gay guy had a key to his friends apartment and she would only move in if the gay guy gave his key back.  He didn’t want to.  Comedy ensues.

I can only assume that this issue at one time or another occurred to the writing staff of this show.  I imagine this is probably a serious problem in Hollywood.

It got me thinking, how many people actually have keys to my house?  I think a couple of neighbors have the garage code and it seems that every neighborhood kid knows how to get in and out of my house faster than a well trained seal extraction team.

The problem is the show is on a network that does not cancel shows.  YES DEAR was on for 122 episodes versus 53 for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.  But that’s CBS versus FOX.

That reminds me, Anita Mann, Kitten Kaboodle, and Rosie Cheeks, I need my keys back.