Around The Web For 12-10-14

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Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the mind of pretenders, while chasing the clouds away. Our hearts were ringing in the key that our souls were singing. As we danced in the night. Remember, how the stars stole the night away, yeah yeah yeah. Earth, Wind, and Fire What a great name for a band.  I thought of this song as I just saw a preview of a new Night at the Museum movie.  I’ll probably take the kids to see it.  Anyway, check out the outfits those guys ...Click for More

The Librarians Is A Hit

December 9, 2014 // 1 Comment

I admit I have been looking forward to The Librarians premier on TNT for awhile now.  Hell, from the promos I wasn’t entirely sure what the show was even about but I thought it had an interesting cast and I was not disappointed. The show premiered last Sunday and was a ratings hit.  According to Deadline, it opened with 5.4 million total viewers ranking it as the No. 1 new cable show this year in the coveted 25-54 demographic.  Not for nothing, but The Last Ship which is also a good ...Click for More

Daily Hottie – Kim Cattrall

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It’s Trashy Tuesday at the daily hottie and who’s trashier than Kim Cattrall (well a lot of women are but that’s not the point). So let’s see what’s Kim Cattrall’s story.  Well, she was originally born in London but moved to Canada when she was only 3 months old.  She then moved back to London at age 11 when her grandmother got sick and the family needed to take care of her. In 2009 she took part in a show that researched her ancestry.  She found out about ...Click for More

Around The Web For 12-09-14

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Here’s to being human All the pain and suffering There’s beauty in the bleeding At least you feel something […] I am machine I never sleep I keep my eyes wide open. Three Days Grace Depressing song lyrics? Maybe, but it’s stuck in my head because I love me some Three Days Grace, Adam Gontier or no. (No as the case may be for this song). And I’m willing to bet about 99% of the people reading this checked out and skipped ahead to the links. Maybe I should do that, ...Click for More

Daily Hottie – Tori Amos

December 8, 2014 // 0 Comments

It’s Music Monday over here at the Daily Hottie and I’m going with Tori Amos today.  If you don’t know anything about Tori let me just say holy crap I had no idea how talented she actually is musically.  At age 5 she won a full scholarship to the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University.  What did you do when you were 5.  I watched cartoons and played video games myself. She’s from North Carolina and is the son of a preacher man.  She married a sound engineer ...Click for More

Around The Web For 12-8-14

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Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today… John Lennon Today marks the 34 anniversary of the day John Lennon was killed.  I was only 11 years old at the time and as a kid didn’t understand what a loss this truly was.  Sometimes people are so special and we should cherish them while they are here.  John Lennon was one of those guys and is still missed every day. Around The Web For 12-8-14 I ...Click for More

Saturday Night Live Star Wars Teaser

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It’s no secret that Saturday Night Live has been struggling. They haven’t had anything really funny in a while now and their ratings are at the lowest they’ve ever been in the near 40 year history of the show. What they have had that has been funny at all has been their pre-produced video pieces. Their live sketches have been painful. Here is another example of that. This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen from Saturday Night Live in a long time. It’s ...Click for More

State of Affairs Is Confusing

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Before reviewing a show, sometimes it’s best to wait a few episodes so as to not rush to judgment and kind of get a feel for the show.  Alright, I’ve watched three episodes now and really have no idea what is going on or who all of the people are on the show. Most shows use the pilot to get out a lot background information on the characters and to kind of explain what is going on.  It’s why a lot of pilot episodes aren’t all that good as they are really just setting up ...Click for More

Daily Hottie – Courtney Thorne Smith

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It’s Friday and I’m in love over here at the Daily Hottie.  Who better to feature than Courtney Thorne Smith.  She’s smoking hot played a chick married to Jim Belushi so maybe we all would have a chance if he did. Nothing all that interesting in her background.  She’s from the San Francisco area.  Her parents divorced when she was young and she lived with both of them at various points.  She’s been divorced once and is currently married with one child. She is ...Click for More

Around The Web For 12-5-14

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He says, son can you play me a memory I’m not really sure how it goes. But it’s sad and it’s sweet and I knew it complete when I wore a younger man’s clothes. Sing us a song you’re the piano man, sing us a song tonight. Well we’re all in the mood for a melody and you’ve got us feeling alright. Billy Joel The people have spoken and we listened.  You like Midwest Mo’s version of ATW so much you wanted me to do another day.  It’s fine what ...Click for More

Throwback Thursday 1995

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So last Thursday was Thanksgiving and I took the day off which meant of course no Throwback Thursday.  But I’m back with this weeks edition and we are going to hop in the wayback machine and set the year to 1995.  So come take a stroll with us down memory lane as we do Throwback Thursday 1995. World Events 1. OJ Trial begins in California 2.  Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 people 3.  First Americans arrive at Mir Space Station 4.  Nerve gas attack kills 8 in Tokyo subway 5.  PM ...Click for More

Daily Hottie – Robin Tunney

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It’s TV Thursday over here at the daily hottie and I have a good one for you in Robin Tunney.  Currently she stars on The Mentalist which just began its final season. She got off to a solid start being born from right here in Chicago to a car salesman father and bartender mother.  I swear I saw that movie and it had Robin Williams in it.  I kid you not she is a cousin of Chicago alderman Tom Tunney who almost single handedly blew up the Cubs renovation deal.  Apparently he got paid ...Click for More

Around The Web For 12-04-14

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Pull the plug with a single decision Your way of life is a contradiction Go to rehab celebrate with ketamine Mend the wounds and light it with kerosene Beartooth So I have this problem where most of the music I listen to has lyrics that sound…whiny. Probably because of the type of music I listen to. Oh well, I love it, I’m sharing more of my weird bands and waiting for my dad/uncles to make fun of me. Pretty par for the course as the oldest of the cousins. I’m still recovering ...Click for More

Daily Hottie – Caroline Wozniacki

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It’s Wildcard Wednesday over here at the daily hottie which means I can pick anyone I want.  So I’m going with professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.  She’s originally from Denmark but now resides in Monaco wherever that is, I’m an American so I’m bad at geography.  I assume it’s somewhere in Texas. Caroline is important because she proves the rule that no matter how good looking you are, there’s a guy that’s tired of having sex with ...Click for More

Around The Web For 12-3-14

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Mama told me when I was young, come sit beside me, my only son. And listen closely to what I say. And if you do this it will help you some sunny day. Take your time… Don’t live too fast, troubles will come and they will pass. Go find a woman and you’ll find love, and don’t forget son, there is someone up above. Lynyrd Skynyrd What a great song Simple Man is.  I feel such a responsibility to put up good songs on my ATW days now that we have a twenty something hipster ...Click for More
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