Old Spice Mom Song Commercial

old spice mom song commercial

old spice mom song commercialI’m watching the NFL playoffs right now and I just saw the creepiest commercial I have ever seen. If you are watching the game right now, I’m sure you saw it too. The Old Spice mom song commercial has got to be one of the creepiest commercials ever made. If you aren’t watching the game, or if you stepped away, check this commercial out. Tell me I’m lying about it.

Old Spice Mom Song Commercial


Come on right? What are they thinking? First of all, was that mom really in that kids bedroom at the start of the commercial? How long was she there? I know there are plenty of moms out there who know that if there is one place you don’t ever want to be hanging out unnoticed, it’s in a young male’s bedroom. You are making a huge mistake if you do something like that.

Then we go through the rest of the commercial with these moms spying on their sons? I’ll forgive the singing, I’ve watched American Idol so I’ve heard worse. But the spying? How creepy is that? Ladies. Be real. If you have a guy who’s mom is that attached to their son you would run for the hills right? Would it matter if he just bathed himself in sweet old-man smelling Old Spice? I would think it would take an Axe amount of Old Spice to wash off that kind of stink. No one wants a mamma’s boy.

Old Spice, you have had plenty of funny commercials. The I’m on a horse commercial is one of my favorites of the last several years. You killed it with that one. The Old Spice mom commercial though? Sorry but this one is a miss. It’s a big miss. It’s a creepy-ass mom watching her son get dressed miss.