Ok Now The Cleveland Show Isn’t Cancelled

cleveland showOk so now Fox is denying that The Cleveland Show has been cancelled. How can a story about a show that sucks so bad get so weird?  My original post tonight about the show being cancelled came from a blog posting by Steve Hulett of the Animation Guild.

Fox is saying that instead of The Cleveland Show being cancelled, that it will be put in hiatus for a while so they can focus on their other animated shows.  They name The Simpsons specifically and if putting The Cleveland Show on hiatus will force Fox to start focusing on The Simpsons then it’s a good thing.  The Simpsons has sucked for years and it should either be killed off or someone should work on getting some of it’s magic back.

So I’m not sure why there is all this big drama over The Cleveland Show.  I think that show sucks and I swear that it is Seth MacFarlane seeing just how loyal his fans are to him.  My thought is that he spun off Cleveland Brown just to see if his many fans would still follow him.  I know he had no intention of making this show a serious effort and the fact that they averaged less than 4 million viewers a week and were the 16th out of 19 shows on Fox shows that no one took this show seriously.

Stay tuned for more though as we continue to track the ever changing landscape of the Fox animation domination line-up.  You know you can always come here for the hardest hitting news and professional reporting.