It’s Official, The World is Coming to An End

kat dennings beth behrsBrace yourselves folks. I have some very terrible news. If you are with your loved ones, hold them tight. If you are not with them, try to get to them as quickly as possible. It’s official, the world is coming to an end.

You know us here at MWTVG’s as your source for deeply sourced and rigorously investigated hard-hitting news. We are not ones to dabble in hyperbole. We are serious, professional writers here which is why I need you to listen to me.

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs have been announced as the hosts of the 2014 People’s Choice Awards. It has been a while since I had bible class but I remember very specifically this passage being in Revelations foretelling of this event as the sign of the coming of the end of times.  We have brought this upon ourselves. As usual, the innocent people like me, who have hated 2 Broke Girls since it’s first “joke” was ever monotonously uttered by Kat Dennings, will suffer for the sins of the inexplicably stupid who have watched 2 Broke Girls and who have kept it on the air.  We have had our chances to get this show off the air and we have failed. Now God has judged us for our sins and we are all about to pay.

I hope you who watch 2 Broke Girls are happy with yourselves. You have destroyed the world.  If you have a bucket list, I would get to work on it right now. Judgement day will be January 8, 2014 when The People’s Choice Awards air on CBS.

If you are curious, you can see the list of nominees here. You have until December 5th to vote for your favorite and if you are going to vote, send CBS an email too begging them to save the world and pick someone, anyone else to host but the chicks from 2 Broke Girls.

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  1. We had a good run. I’m tired of fighting the fight on this one while shows like Happy Endings and Go On get cancelled and Dad & 2 Broke Girls continue. It’s the machine overlords problem now.

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