Official Premiere Date – NBC’s Hannibal


Pop quiz:  What’s cooler than MADS MIKKELSEN?  MADS MIKKELSEN leaning on a skull, that’s what!  Throw in a horn and some roses, and you have on hell of a promo shot.

NBC’s new series HANNIBAL now has an official timeslot and premiere date… April 4th at 9:00 central time.  Important to note that this same timeslot killed several other NBC series last season most recently being DO NO HARM that was canned after two episodes.  Hopefully it is not the early death knell of what should for all intensive purposes be the next great NBC drama.  In all honesty, I could have told you that DO NO HARM sucked hard simply by the previews.  Because it looked awful.

I’ll tell you what doesn’t look awful… HANNIBAL.  I’m especially excited about MADS MIKKELSEN starring as Hannibal himself and the setup sounds like a great twist on the iconic characters created by Thomas Harris.

But seriously, are you telling me that not one NBC exec watched the preview for DO NO HARM and said “wait a minute guys, this looks terrible.”  It’s what they do for a living for crying out loud!  Perhaps this MWTVG gig is a perfect segway for MYSELF, MO and MIKE to become high powered TV executives ourselves.  Rest assured there will be much less 2 BROKE GIRLS and much more WALKING DEAD.  And if MIDWEST MO has anything to say about it, TYT UNIVERSITY will be instantly picked up 5 full seasons at a time.  And ARCHER will be dubbed the official cartoon of the United States of America.

All dreams aside, the more I see about HANNIBAL the more I like it.  This will be DVR’d for sure and hopefully replace the BUCKWILD-shaped hole in my heart.  Please note the sarcasm in the latter half of the last sentence.  If BUCKWILD did have a shape, it would unsurprisingly look like a turd.