A Note on Thor 2

thor2As far as their main properties go, Marvel/Disney is hitting with a pretty good batting average for the past 5 years.  In fact, I couldn’t name one bad movie made from their ‘Phase 1’ AVENGERS-culminated batch of films (can you?).  If you were one of the people that thought IRON MAN 3 was bad, you are extremely mistaken.

Now that AVENGERS has come-and-gone, Marvel is shifting their focus to the next large multi film formula, the product of which will be AVENGERS 2/GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, the latter of which has decidedly less of a built in fan base than the big names.  And to sort-of tie it all together, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to improve week over week.  With the newfound focus comes a whole new set of issues.  Can Marvel duplicate its prior success and maintain quality films without everybody getting superhero burnout?  Can they start to introduce new properties like GUARDIANS to wide acclaim like the AVENGERS?  Can Fox, Sony and Marvel/Disney finally make nice so Spiderman and Wolverine can come out and play?

If THOR 2 is any indication, the next five years will be good to us superhero fans.  It was absolutely bigger and better in the action front than the original.  And while it didn’t quite have the level of finesse that I think KENNETH BRANAGH brought to part one, it had a unique feel to it and brought much more humor which seemed to fit well.

There was one exception, and that would be MIDWEST MIKE’S favorite actress of all time, KAT DENNINGS.  Let me go on record and say that KAT DENNINGS is an idiot.  Her scenes were neither good nor funny, and I was very hopeful that Thor himself would Mjolnir her right in the face before the credits rolled.  But that didn’t happen, so I have an uneasy feeling she will be back for part 3.  KAT DENNINGS aside, the rest of the movie was superb.  PS, IDRIS ELBA is an absolute beast.

Be sure to stay post-credits for a humongous nerd-out moment that seemingly prefaces everything to come with GUARDIANS and AVENGERS 2.  No spoilers, but let’s just say that the famous actor plays the part very, very well.  And be sure to stay after the after-credits scene for another one at the very, very end.

THOR 2 is solid A-grade material and judging by the preview of CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 (which looks like a whole bunch of amazing), April cannot come fast enough.