Nick Lachey to Host Another Singing Show

Photo courtesy of People Magazine

Photo courtesy of People Magazine

NBC has announced a new singing competition that they will be bringing to air hosted by Nick Lachey.  First of all, look at that picture.  Isn’t he dreamy?  He sure is.  Secondly, come on.  Another singing show?  With this show, that will be called THE WINNER IS, the grand total for singing shows currently on TV will be 1,648.

Every show has a twist and this one won’t be different.  Why would it be different?  Apparently America can’t get enough singing shows because the networks keep putting them on, why?  Because TV executives only understand one thing, ratings.  If there are ratings in it, it’s going on TV, new idea or not.  They have no shame.  Ok anyway, the twist to this show will be that not only will contestants be singing for the chance to win, they will also have the opportunity to negotiate with the people they are competing against to see if one will bow out of the competition for a pre-determined cash prize.

Whatever the twist, you can be we will be treated to several boy bands, several Pussy Cat Doll cover bands, several old people wanting to be cool acts, little kids with speech impediments who just want to sing their hearts out for America, someone who has taught their dog how to sing, and someone that will be the butt of all the jokes of the judges.

The judge or judges have not been announced yet but let me see if I can figure it out.  There will be a black guy, a british guy, an air-head who tells all the acts they she loves them, and a no-talent C-list auto-tuned (3 hyphenated words in a row…that has to be some kind of a record) “celebrity” that will tell the acts what is really expected of someone who wants to be a star.

I’m not sure, but this might be a preview of the show, if not, it’s a preview for any of the singing shows: