Is Nick Kroll Blackmailing Comedy Central?

nick kroll blackmailing comedy centralI have to ask. Is Nick Kroll Blackmailing Comedy Central? I ask that question because The Kroll Show is coming back for a second season and unless he’s blackmailing Comedy Central, there just is no possible reason that should happen. Now I love Nick Kroll. I think he is very funny in a lot of things (The League) and he is in the Pete Holmes circle of friends that includes several of today’s hippest comedians. It pains me to say this but…The Kroll Show is one of the most awful things that has been on TV in recent years. I’d have to compare it to Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time for how awful The Kroll Show is.

Comedy Central has had this problem a few times in the last few years. In their never ending search to find the next Chappelle Show, they are quick to give comedians their own show with free reign to do whatever they want to do. Their hope of course is that they catch lightning in a bottle a 2nd time and find a break out hit. It’s not a bad idea really and despite the set backs, I support the plan. I’m all for comedians getting shows. The danger though is that when you let a comedian have free reign with no adult supervision, you will sometimes get results like The Kroll Show. Don’t understand what I mean? Let’s investigate.

Video evidence answering the question Is Nick Kroll Blackmailing Comedy Central

Bobby Bottleservice


Pony Tales


Spotted Ox Hostel


Wheels Ontario – Roll With It


Those are just some of the possible skits you would have to subject yourself to if you ever were to watch The Kroll Show. Are you starting to get what I’m talking about? Look. One season? Great. I get it. Take a shot. Give it a 2nd season? What are you hoping for? Can you improve on Bobby Bottleservice? Should the person who invented that character even be given the chance to do so?

The frustration here is that Kroll is a talented comedian with equally talented and funny friends. You might recognize a lot of the people in these skits with him. Some very funny people. Even they couldn’t save what is going on here. Are you coming over to my side yet? Are you starting to believe too that Nick Kroll is blackmailing Comedy Central? Have you even read down this far on the post or did you stop at the first video?

For the 17 of you who watch The Kroll Show, it will return to Comedy Central for season 2 on January 7 at 7:00.