NFL Threatens TV As We Know It

As many of you know, the NFL kicked off this week with games on Thursday, Sunday, and tonight.  How has the NFL done so far you may ask?  They’ve freaking dominated in the ratings, nothing was even close.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy and I love football.  The Bears won yesterday and the Packers lost so it’s a great day here in Chicago.  Still though, the NFL’s dominance gives me pause.

As it is, there are really only 5 days of television programming – Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sun.  Friday and Saturday are basically wastelands of programming where shows are sent to die.

Here’s a link the current Fall TV schedule.

I count 7 new sitcoms and 3 new dramas on Monday & Thursday night.  Comedies like We Are Men or The Michael J Fox Show won’t have a chance against the NFL.  We saw this last year with the awesome show Last Resort getting killed by the NFL and subsequently cancelled.

I don’t have any conclusion to this post.  I’m just sitting here hoping the NFL doesn’t find a way to play on any other day.

3 Comments on NFL Threatens TV As We Know It

  1. FromEngland // September 9, 2013 at 5:56 pm //

    This is the worst time of year for anyone that is not an American to be on the Internet. You colonists act as if the entire world cares about your silly game. I remember when there was NFL Europe. My mates and I would go to Monarchs games and get pissed off our asses and laugh and the players prancing about on the field. The tickets were nearly free and still no one would be there. Oh and calling the team the Monarchs? I get it. Because the team is in England and the queen and all. You Yanks are quite clever.

    If you all want to talk about proper football, let me know. Also, consider Simon Cowell to be your penance for even trying to convert the world to American football. Enjoy him.

    • Midwest Mike // September 9, 2013 at 9:30 pm //

      Are you referring to soccer? I was confused because the way you talked about it I thought you were talking about a sport played by men. I’m sure you aren’t talking about soccer because that’s the sport where people collapse on the ground like they have been struck by lightning whenever anyone comes within 20 feet of touching them. This is the sport where people rise to their feet and start cheering whenever a team gets the ball in to the other teams zone because there is so little scoring action that even being in the other team’s zone is exciting. This is the only sport in the world where there will be more injuries in the stands than on the field because soccer hooligans will actually kill someone for wearing the wrong jersey to a game. Yes Reginald (that’s what I imagine your name is…either that or Rupert), please tell me again how awesome soccer is.

      And the reason we named the London team the Monarchs was because we knew we needed a name that would excite the Brits and One Direction hadn’t been born yet.

  2. Midwest Miller // September 9, 2013 at 5:20 pm //

    This is a fantastic thing!!!!! NFL is the king of everything right now and it’s great that it is on Thursday night, all day Sunday and Monday night. I see how some could complain, but as a huge football fan it is great. Besides I’ve had to put up crap reality TV for years now. It feels like American Idol, Bachelor, or some other crap dancing show is on like 5 days a week. Glad that the REAL reality show is still king!!!!

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