New Show Idea

As we only have about 9 loyal fans now (I know it went up from 8 yeah), we are not raking in the money over here yet.  So the staff at MWTVG all have day jobs.  My day job involves a profession that is never the subject of any TV shows – accounting.

There are tons of police, lawyer, and hospital shows.  Hell, there is even a ridiculous show about 2 broke girls trying to start a cupcake business.  Why aren’t there any shows about accountants?  We are fun people – ask either of my 2 friends (1 is a dog though).

That ends today.  I have a great idea for a new show.  As many of you know THE OFFICE is ending this year.  I know Hollywood loves spinoff’s.  So here is my pitch (you heard it here first)


Take Kevin, Angela, and Oscar and give them their own show that puts a funny spin on tough accounting issues.  One episode could be about a CEO stealing money and bankrupting the company leaving thousands unemployed and ruined but have Kevin and Angela argue about who should of caught the theft – hilarity.

Look, I haven’t fully thought it through.  I’m just an idea guy over here.  I’m guessing 1 of the thousand unemployed Harvard English majors could put a ribbon on this pig.  If not, here’s a clip of Kevin from THE OFFICE