New Lifetime Shows cancellation of The Client List last week left us all sad over here.  The show was popular and only failed because Jennifer Love Hewitt insisted on her boyfriend being in the show.

With the cancellation, there is a huge void in shows about the sex trade business.  I know, I know 2 Broke Girls will eventually go this route, but until then I’m here to pitch a couple ideas for new Lifetime shows.

THE STRIP – Pamela Anderson plays a washed up actress who can’t get a part in Hollywood and has resorted to stripping to make ends meet.  Her former rock star husband spent all their money on drugs before she was forced to leave him.

We can follow her as she tries to get back in the game at auditions for straight to video movies.  A bunch of unscrupulous producers all promise her parts in exchange for a part of her soul.

One episode could feature a young talentless punk musician showing up at the strip club throwing money at her in a futile attempt to prove he’s not gay.  The door is open for a parade of hunky actors to appear on the show who all fall in love with her and try to change her.

Maybe have her be like a few credits short of a college degree and guys from school keep showing up at the club and she’s terrified of being exposed, but I’m not sure how believable that story line is.


THE HOOK – Lindsey Lohan plays a former child star who’s made a ton of bad decisions leaving her virtually homeless.  Her only option is to turn to the oldest profession in the world to survive.

Thought it might be fun to add a Dexter type “hook” to it by having her be a serial killer that only kills those who really have it coming.

Every week a new hunky actor or even better actress could play the person deserving of death.  Oh, and she definitely has to be battling some type of drug addiction, which one day maybe the reason she gets caught.


A few years ago I would have never pitched these ideas to Lifetime.  But they really took a show about handjobs and made it classy.