New Girl

Ok did you watch tonight’s NEW GIRL?  First of all, the tree, Zooey Deschanel, tries to do impersonations of 80s TV characters and she does it so badly that I almost threw a rock through my TV (don’t ask why I was holding a rock while I was watching TV).  She went with this impersonation of Urkel’s “did I do that” that I swear to god made me see a blinding flash of bright white light that I can only assume was a stroke or my brain turning off because it didn’t know how to handle the rage I was feeling.

A group of young hipsters moves in across the hall and the hilarity ensues.  Who does the group of hipsters like?  Well not Schmidt because he is working full time for a big company which, according to the hipsters, is a bad thing.  No.  They love the tree.  Why?  Because she not only does the imitations (including her godawful Urkel), but she claims them as her own invention.  The hipsters think she is brilliant.

At first, I was mad about this because I was thinking, how do you not like Schmidt?  Then I remembered that they are hipsters and it is totally normal for regular people to hate anything that they like which explains why they like the tree.

I am begging the writers of NEW GIRL to find a way to write the tree off the show.