New Girl – The Parent Trap

Photo courtesy of Eonline

Photo courtesy of Eonline

So we’ve started the Thanksgiving shows which I don’t mind nearly as much as I do the Halloween shows and on tonight’s episode of NEW GIRL, the cast celebrated Thanksgiving.

I have to give major kudos to the writers of NEW GIRL.  This was a great episode.  One of my friends told me today that he wants me to be nice to Zooey Deschanel in the spirit of Thanksgiving so let me do that now, I can say that she was great in this episode because there was very little of her.  The writers are beginning to figure out the formula for making this show successful.  More of Schmidt, and less of Zooey.

Jess’s (don’t question me on that apostrophe, look it up) parents, played by Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis (that’s her scene from TRUE LIES, you know the one I mean), come to visit for Thanksgiving and since they are divorced, they don’t get along and shouldn’t be together in the same room.

Jess spends the episode trying to PARENT TRAP her parents in to getting back together.  What isn’t clear is if she is trying to 1961 parent trap them or Lindsey Lohan parent trap them.  Speaking of the Lindsey Lohan parent trap, remember when she was cute?  You forget that she was a child star because all you think of now is that she keeps working her hardest to blow her career.  Anyway, I think Jess was trying to 1961 parent trap her parents because her ploys were idiotic and juvenile and not well thought out which makes me think of 1961.

Schmidt’s cousin, played by Rob Riggle, comes for Thanksgiving as well.  Riggle steals the episode which is pretty standard for him since he is usually the funniest guy on screen any time he’s there.  Winston (Chicago’s own Lamorne Morris) talks Schmidt and Riggle’s Schmidt in to a contest to decide which of them will get to claim the title of the one true Schmidt.  These two were the funniest part of the show.

All three of the guest stars were brilliantly funny and really added to the show.  Tonight’s episode was one of the funniest of the season and really worth watching.  Nice job with your holiday episode NEW GIRL.