New FOX Shows Galore!

almosthumanFOX made its official announcement tonight of four new drama series picked up for development… one Executive Produced by JJ ABRAMS, one brought by the co-creators of FRINGE, one starring TERRY O’QUINN (who was terrific in 666 PARK AVENUE) and another one seeing GREG KINNEAR making his television debut as a HOUSE-like attorney.

Official descriptions from FOX along with ‘award-winning’ MIDWEST MARK commentary within.  What award was it you ask?  I place myself firmly somewhere in the top 3 contributors to all of MWTVG.  I would like to thank jesus, god and the devil for me being me.

ALMOST HUMAN: From Emmy Award-winning executive producer J.J. Abrams and creator/executive producer J.H. Wyman and starring Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Emmy Award nominee Lili Taylor, ALMOST HUMAN (working title) is an action-packed police drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. An unlikely connection is forged when a cop with an aversion to robots and a robot with unexpected emotional responses investigate cases in a brave new world. ALMOST HUMAN (wt) is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The series is created by J.H. Wyman, who wrote the pilot. The series is executive-produced by Wyman, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. Kathy Lingg (“Person of Interest,” “Revolution,” “Fringe”) and Reid Shane (“Fringe”) are co-executive producers. Brad Anderson (“Fringe,” “The Killing”) directed and served as co-executive producer on the pilot.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: From co-creators/executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the “Star Trek” and “Transformers” franchises, “Fringe”), the thrilling new action-adventure SLEEPY HOLLOW is a modern-day retelling of Washington Irving’s classic. ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison) is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to find that the world is on the brink of destruction and that he is humanity’s last hope, forcing him to team up with a contemporary police officer (Nicole Beharie) to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. SLEEPY HOLLOW is from K/O Paper Products in association with 20th Century Fox Television. The series is co-created by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Phillip Iscove and Len Wiseman (“Hawaii Five-0,” “Underworld” and “Total Recall”). The series is executive-produced by Kurtzman, Orci and Wiseman and Heather Kadin. Iscove serves as supervising producer. Wiseman directed the pilot.

RAKE: Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Greg Kinnear makes his broadcast television series debut with the bold new legal drama RAKE, from executive producer Peter Tolan and creator/executive producer Peter Duncan, who created the hit Australian series of the same name. RAKE centers on Keegan Deane, one of life’s great addicts, a brilliant and frustratingly charming criminal defense attorney, whose chaotic and self-destructive personal life often gets in the way of his professional one. He takes on the cases that nobody else will touch, ruled by a resolute optimism, belief in justice and dogged determination to defend those who seem beyond redemption – much like himself. RAKE is produced by Fedora Entertainment and Essential Media & Entertainment Pty Ltd., in association with Sony Pictures Television. The series is created and written by Peter Duncan (creator of the original Australian series). The series is executive-produced by Duncan, Peter Tolan (“Rescue Me,” “Analyze This”), Michael Wimer (“2012″), Richard Roxburgh (“Rake,” “Mission: Impossible II,” “Moulin Rouge”) and Ian Collie (“Rake”). Kinnear and Leslie Tolan (“Rescue Me,” “The Job”) are co-executive producers. Sam Raimi (“Oz the Great and Powerful,” “Spider-Man” franchise) directed and served as an executive producer on the pilot.

GANG RELATED: a gritty new action drama, follows Ryan Lopez (Ramon Rodriguez), a rising star in Los Angeles’ elite Gang Task Force – led by SAM CHAPEL (Emmy Award winner Terry O’Quinn) — who teams up with longtime Task Force member CASSIUS GREEN (RZA) to take on three of the city’s most dangerous gangs, including one he has ties to. GANG RELATED is from Chris Morgan Productions, Skeeter Rosenbaum Productions, Imagine Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television. The series is created and written by Chris Morgan (“Wanted,” “Fast Five”). The series is executive-produced by Morgan, Scott Rosenbaum (“The Shield,” “Chuck”), Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer (“24,” “A Beautiful Mind”) and Francie Calfo (“The Great Escape,” “The Playboy Club”). Allen Hughes (“Dead Presidents,” “Book of Eli,” “Menace II Society”) directed and served as an executive producer on the pilot.

As much as I like TERRY O’QUINN in general, I’m not sure how GANG RELATED is going to distinguish itself from similar cop drama fare.  And since I was never really into HOUSE (for better or for worse), RAKE might not really be my cup of tea either.  Based on name alone, I will pre-judge it to be stupid.  Why RAKE?  How about SHOVEL?  ROTOTILLER?  HOE?  I vote HOE.

For my personal viewing pleasure, SLEEPY HOLLOW and ALMOST HUMAN are the most intriguing.  Out of the pair, my bet is on ALMOST HUMAN for two reasons:  JJ ABRAMS’ involvement and KARL URBAN starring.  The latter of whom has been in a string of great movies recently (sans PRIEST), and will bring a good dose of star power.  If you haven’t yet seen the underrated DREDD, do so for a bunch of KARL URBAN-y awesomeness.  After all, he’s come a long way from his days on XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.  SLEEPY HOLLOW on the other hand, is not going to have the recognizable cast but hopefully have a strong story with the modern twist.  FRINGE had plenty of fans, so hopefully the co-creators’ next project can have similar appeal.

For those that care (*ahem* MIDWEST MIKE and MO), FOX has also picked up four new comedy series, including BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, SURVIVING JACK, ENLISTED and US AND THEM in addition to the recently announced SETH MACFARLANE-produced DADS.  ANDY SAMBERG stars in BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and interestingly enough, CHRISTOPHER MELONI from LAW & ORDER:SVU fame will star in SURVIVING JACK.  How funny can he be in a show that’s not about horrific sex crimes?  Time will tell, but rumor is that he was excellent in the pilot.

Now that these shows are on the radar, we will surely bring updates and premiere dates as they happen.