Networks Don’t Care What You Think

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We have made no secret here at MWTVG that we are upset about LAST RESORT being cancelled.  It really is a pretty good show that ABC just didn’t give a chance to.  First, the show is clearly aimed at men and what did ABC do with it?  They put it on Thursday nights against NFL football.  We have seen in the ratings that absolutely nothing beats the NFL.  If the NFL could find a way to schedule games 7 nights a week, they would win all 7 nights.  Why would you put a show that is targeted at men up against the NFL?

Knowing that though, and the fact that the LAST RESORT was also competing against THE BIG BANG THEORY, how can ABC say that the ratings were bad?  Last week’s episode had over 9 million viewers.  It is the best any ABC show has done in that time slot in years and they drew that number despite the stiff competition.  What is ABC looking for from a show?

We are not the only ones that are angry about the show being cancelled but what difference does it make?  Do the networks really care if people are angry about a show being cancelled?  Well, other than NBC’s CHUCK which was saved by a Subway campaign by it’s fans, the networks just don’t care what you think.  Speaking to Lynette Rice of Inside TV, one network executive said “So you get 20,000 letters, you need 10 times that to make a difference.”

So we can all rage all we want to about our shows that get cancelled.  I am a big fan of raging about unfair cancellations, thought not nearly as good as David Cross is about ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (nsfw language):


Complaining about shows being cancelled is just white noise to the networks.  They just don’t care.  Once they make their decision, it’s made and it’s over.  The people on those shows need to find work.  They don’t just sit around hoping that fan support saves them.  They go find work so they can feed their families and they are gone for good.  The fact that they don’t listen doesn’t make me less likely to bitch about it though.  Bitching and complaining is as American as apple pie and we are very patriotic here at MWTVG but in the end, networks don’t care what you think.

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  1. Curt Myers // November 21, 2012 at 3:44 pm //

    Chuck got saved once. Family Guy made a bizarre return via reruns. I heard the Thursday NFL is doing what they hoped it would. I haven’t seen the numbers though.

    • Midwest Mike // November 21, 2012 at 3:57 pm //

      Chuck did get saved and Family Guy is the first case of it’s kind ever. In general, they don’t care what we think, unless people are watching the show.

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