Netflix is a Full Fledged TV Studio

house of cardsRemember back in 2011 when Netflix announced a price increase and most of the world lost their minds?  Netflix said they needed to change their price structure to be in a better position for big plans they had for the future.  Well now that we have gotten a taste of those future plans, how many of you who complained would like to take it back?  After their recent history making Emmy nominations, we hear more plans from them today showing that Netflix is a full fledged TV studio.

Netflix has already done a great job producing original content like House of Cards and Arrested Development.  In true TV studio form, they need to branch out and start producing more varied content and now they are.  Netflix will begin production on their own documentaries and comedy specials.  Both of these genres are already the most popular genres among Netflix customers so now Netflix will be taking advantage of the fan-base they have built to drive viewers to their own original content.

Executives from HBO could not be reached for comment because they were too busy wetting themselves over the news that HBO Comedy specials now have major competition.