The Neighbors – Season Premier This Friday

It’s been a tough week for me as I was teased with a bunch of new shows early this week.  As I don’t watch reality TV, it’s been a little slow for me since then.

It’s so bad I watched a little X Factor last night.  Holy cow is that the worst panel of judges ever assembled or what?  It’s become clear that they don’t feel the need to show us talented performers anymore.  I suspect it would be exhausting to actually try to find decent singers rather then whatever just shows up at your door.

In my  ever continuing quest to bury the lead, the Emmy Award nominated The Neighbors premier is set for this Friday.  It’s easily one of the best family friendly shows on TV.  I know that Friday night is where shows go to die, but let’s try and support this one people (unlike you did with the hilarious show Happy Endings).

I was reading a recent review in the Huffington Post about the show where the critic commented about how he wrote the show off based on the pilot.  I suspect a lot of people did as well, but I’m telling you this show is worth watching.

Whoever did the casting for this show did a fantastic job (save for Clara Mamet daughter of writer David Mamet).  There are 5-6 characters that are interesting enough on their own which keeps the show fresh.

Most importantly this show is incredibly child friendly (mine are 9 & 11).  It’s one of the few network sitcoms we can all watch together.  The kids have no idea why I laugh whenever they say the name of one of the aliens (they all are named after famous athletes, like Larry Bird or Reggie Jackson).  It’s just funny.

Anyway, the show is on tomorrow at 7:30 CST on ABC.  Please, please, please watch or record it.  You’ll be glad you did.