NBC Renews Community

communityNBC has announced that they are renewing Community for a 5th season.  Are you surprised?  I am.  NBC has done everything they can to kill this show.  They ran off creator and show runner Dan Harmon, got rid of the best writers, left the show off the mid-season line-up, twice, and have turned the show in to a joke of what it once was.  Even with all that, NBC decides to renew it?

I am flabbergasted.  No I’m not flabbergasted.  This is after all NBC we are talking about and seriously, this network is run by monkeys.  I’m more angry about this because of the news of Go On and 1600 Penn being cancelled by NBC.  1600 Penn was quirky and funny and rough around the edges but deserved another season.  Go On?  That show was simply brilliant.

So NBC will bring back Community.  Wonderful.  I have a few questions.

1. Will the gang ever graduate or is there a graduate level degree they are seeking at a community college?

2. Will anyone ever punch Jeff Winger in the face for being such a raging a-hole?

3. Will every episode focus on some whacky Troy and Abed story line?

4. Will any episode have a point or a story that drives the series forward or is every episode meant to be a single shot in the dark?

5. Will Shirley’s big girl voice ever come in?

6. Will Britta be replaced by Yeardly Smith since Britta is essentially just Lisa Simpson in human form?

That’s all I have for now.  NBC, you are one of the worst run networks on TV.  You have shows that are so much better than the crap CBS puts on yet you constantly make the wrong decision.  Seinfeld is over NBC.  Get over it.