NBC Passes on Mockingbird Lane

Mockingbird-LaneIt should not come as a shock to anyone that follows TV (like we do), that NBC has passed on Mockingbird Lane.

NBC was never a big fan of this show and they seemed to do just about everything they could do to kill it.  The pilot episode, which aired on Halloween weekend, sat on the shelf for over a year before NBC decided to air it, never a good sign for a show.  Then after airing the episode, which didn’t do too badly in the ratings, they do nothing for 2 months until deciding to kill the show today.

I have written a few times about this show and how I was interested in how the new director would make use of today’s technology to re-invent the Munster’s in to a modern day version of the prototypical American bourgeois nuclear family…oh none of that is true.  jerry o'connellI was excited to know that Cush, I mean Jerry O’Connell, was going to be on the show.  How could any show with him be bad?  The answer: it can’t be.

NBC didn’t see it the way I did so they decided to take a pass.  It’s not a huge loss for us but it is interesting to see what NBC thinks is good TV.  This is the network that brought us Animal Practice after all.


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  1. I pretty much hated the pilot, but in fairness to NBC they have decided to stay out of the celebrity high diving business.

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