NBC Has Put Parks and Recreation on Hiatus

parks and recFans of Ron Swanson will be upset to hear the news that NBC has put Parks and Recreation on hiatus.  The decision by NBC is effective immediately so the episode that was set to air this week will be replaced by a re-run of The Voice.

NBC will be airing re-runs of SNL and other specials in the time slot for Parks and Rec until November 14 when Parks will return for two weeks.  After those two weeks, there isn’t a plan to bring it back until some time in the early part of 2014.

NBC is trying to do things to build an audience for Sean Saves the World and they feel that Parks and Rec just can’t get the job done.  In fairness, the audience for Parks has not been growing beyond the hard core base of fans that it has had since the show started airing.  NBC does a terrible job with their comedies though so for them to think that they can do better with an audience with specials rather than Parks is a bit of a stretch.

My feeling is that we are seeing the end of Parks. NBC certainly hasn’t announced that they are canceling this show and they claim to have plans to bring it back in 2014 but monkeying with a show’s schedule like this is not a good sign.  If a network has faith in a show, they don’t take it off the air for months at a time.

I do like Parks and Rec.  I’ve been a fan since the beginning.  I’m not terribly upset by this news however as I have felt that the show feels like it has run it’s course.  The characters on the show haven’t grown or changed in a while and the writers are having a difficult time keeping the show fresh and funny.  I’m ok with this show going out now while I still have a positive feeling about it.

ron swansonIf Parks and Recreation is in fact ending this will free up the best person from this show for a new project.  I’m looking forward to what Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) will do next.  He was the break out character from Parks and Rec and was the best part of the show. His character was originally written as a stereotypical right-wing Republican that I’m sure was there to be mocked but Offerman turned the character in to so much more.  I look forward to his next project and hope someone out there gets this guy some work soon.

If you are a fan of Amy Poehler don’t worry.  NBC has picked up a comedy that is written by her and her brother Greg called “Welcome to Sweden” so even if Parks and Recreation is gone, you haven’t seen the last of Amy Poehler working in situation comedy.  Oh and in case you live under a rock, don’t forget that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be hosting the Golden Globes for the next 2 years so trust me, you will not be missing Amy Poehler any time soon.