NBC Gives Michael J. Fox the Dreaded Vote of Confidence

michael j fox showDid you watch the Michael J. Fox show?  Maybe you did, but chances are you were watching The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams instead.  Robin Williams destroyed Michael J. Fox in the ratings for their show debuts which has resulted in NBC giving Michael J. Fox the dreaded vote of confidence.

The Crazy Ones debuted with 15.5 million total viewers watching the show.  The Michael J. Fox show?  It debuted with 7.5 million total viewers.  Now this was a very respectable rating for NBC who are generally used to getting pounded in the TV game, it was still less than half of what CBS pulled in with The Crazy Ones.

Given all the hype surrounding the return of Michael J. Fox to TV this isn’t really a good sign.  I know that The Crazy Ones had the lead in from TV’s #1 show, The Big Bang Theory to help it but to more than double the audience size?  Remember that we are talking about NBC here and not CBS.  NBC will cancel a show at the drop of a hat.  They don’t let shows build an audience like CBS does.  NBC thinks that every show they put on the air needs to be Seinfeld right from the first episode.  If it’s not, then it’s gone.

NBC is out there now saying that they are going to air all 22 episodes of The Michael J. Fox Show.  That is the dreaded vote of confidence that should be making Michael J. Fox shake in his boots.  Listen to what Jeff Bader, NBC’s president of Program Planning, Strategy, and Research (his business card must be the size of a billboard with that title), had to say about it in an interview with The Wrap:

“if The Michael J. Fox Show can keep scoring the 2.1 rating it earned Thursday – or even close to it – then the network will certainly air all 22 episodes of the series. That’s the plan right now.”

That’s the plan right now he said.  That is the plan if they can keep their debut numbers too which just about never happens.  The Michael J. Fox Show will be moving next week to it’s regularly scheduled time of 8:30.  It’s always good for the ratings of a show to move it’s time slot around so expect there to be a drop off in the ratings next week.  It is also buried behind the premiere of Sean Saves the World which looks like it is going to be just an awful show.  This all adds up to the future being very shaky for Michael J. Fox, the show. NBC seems to be looking for a reason to cancel it.  If you are a fan, I’d keep watching if you want Michael J. Fox to stay on the air.

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  1. Like MJ Fox, but not the show…

    • Midwest Mike // September 29, 2013 at 9:52 am //

      Hi Lester thanks for commenting. I like Michael too and really want his show to do well but based on how NBC has acted in the past, it doesn’t look good.

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