NBC Cancels Animal Practice, Pushes the World to the Brink

NBC has announced that they are canceling their new comedy ANIMAL PRACTICE.  There is an easy joke that you can make here and maybe you have seen other lesser-quality TV blogs make that joke, but that is not what our loyal reader has come to expect of us here at MWTVG.  Instead we stick to the higher levels of comedy such as threats of vehicular homicide and references to possible STD’s being carried by rock stars.  We are nothing if not professional.

Anyway, I coud make a joke about the cancellation of ANIMAL PRACTICE but NBC has gone and done that for me.  They are going to put WHITNEY in to the slot vacated by ANIMAL PRACTICE.  That is the joke right there folks.  NBC is saying that WHITNEY is better than at least one show in their line-up.  That is of course false.  WHITNEY is to NBC what 2 BROKE GIRLS is to CBS minus the audience.

The move of WHITNEY to fill in the vacancy leaves COMMUNITY stuck on Friday night television which is also another joke being played on us by NBC.  Choosing to move WHITNEY and not COMMUNITY means that NBC is telling us that WHITNEY is funnier than COMMUNITY.  I don’t think that NBC actually believes this but they are clearly hell-bent on killing COMMUNITY and apparently hell-bent on making sure the Mayan prediction comes true.