Nashville – She’s Got Drama

Tonight was Nashville – She’s Got Drama.  Let me start by saying oh my god, oh my god, oh my god I did not see that ending coming.  If you say you saw that coming you’re a filthy liar.

I’ll discuss other random stuff so that I can fill up space in order to hide the shocking ending till after the break.  Seriously, I was all set to discuss how boring this episode was and that the story didn’t really move forward all that much.  At the 57 minute mark that all changed.  Boy howdy.

So Deacon finally decides to step-up and help his daughter cope with being lied to all these years about who is her real father…. oh who am I kidding, it’s all about the kiss, between Hayden Panettiere and Brit Shaw.

Come on, we all thought when she showed up at Hayden’s hotel room that she was going to confront her about the affair with her husband.  She says, “I know you’re sleeping with my husband.  My question is why you’re not sleeping with me.”  Then Ka Pow, she sticks her tongue about a foot and a half down Hayden’s throat.  I wonder if they’re trying to maybe attract a few more male viewers.

In other non-lesbian story plots, is anyone happy with Teddy getting married to Peggy Kenter.  It was just a few episodes ago when he was done with her.  Now he’s changed his mind.  Oh and it’s super important to him that his teenage daughter who recently found out he’s not her dad be super cool with it and maybe sing at the wedding.  I hate to get all technical on you, but this story line is what us professionals call icky.

The whole tortured sole thing Deacon has going on is starting to get old.  We get it, it’s tough being so famous and loved.  To go Quantum Leap on him he acts like each longing stare might finally be the one that fills the gaping whole in his sole.

How about the elevator scene with Juliette Barnes and Layla Grant where Juliette is trying to be nice (you never know with her).  Layla says, “I’m not you, pick someone else to save.”  Bitch Please (there’s always at least one of these an episode).  What’s with the attitude?

We don’t even have time to talk about how Avery Barkley got a real life record deal.  Funny thing though, his band is not does not play country.  Fun fact, he has 357 credits on General Hospital.  Man he’s an enigma.

So what did you like or hate about tonight’s show?