Nashville – Come On Now

I know I’m late to the party but look at it as a trip down memory lane.  I’m investing so much time in catching up here, I feel as if I don’t write about what is frustrating me about the show, I’m gonna lose it.

Where am I at in Nashville now?  I just finished the 16th episode of season 1.  I’m almost done with the first season now and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m going to write my Nashville articles as if you know the characters.  Let’s face it, if you don’t watch it, you’re skipping this post like a smilin’ goat in a briarpatch.

Also, in my last Nashville post, I used the phrase “Bitch Please” in reference to one of the characters.  My plan is to pick out a moment from each episode I review and discuss that Bitch Please moment.

Today, I want to focus some of my angst at Juliette Barnes.  Let’s forget that she flip flops between being a good person and bad person about 12 times an episode.  Fine, I’m trying to see her as a person that wants to do good.  Hooking up with your mom’s sponsor come on now.  Bitch Please!

This poor guy Dante Rivas, who himself is a recovering addict, is letting himself get bullied by Juliette.  As a guy I guess I have to cut him some slack.  If Hayden Panettiere shows up in my hotel room in nothing but her underwear, I’m guessing I’m going to need the number of a good divorce lawyer myself (I’m sorry honey, it’s just a joke).

I have 11 episodes to go till I’m current.  I hope she leaves this guy alone and doesn’t break him.  If she does, that’s it for me.  No amount of your crazy writing tricks are bring me back.  Nope that ship has sailed.  Fool me 12 times shame on me.  Fool me another 8 times and I guess shame on me again.  But 3 more times and that’s it, probably.

Editors Note (I just watched the next episode) – I don’t watch a lot of these shows so I clearly did not see it coming that Dante was a bad guy.  Everyone is so dam devious on this show.  OK, I going to be better prepared as I head into the final 3 episodes of season 1.