Naked Dating Reality Show Coming to VH1

naked dating reality show

naked dating reality showHow many more gimmicks can we find to make a new reality dating show? Well, VH1 answers that question with the answer of 1 more gimmick. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a naked dating reality show will be coming to VH1 at some point in the future. There hasn’t been a premiere date set yet as the show was just ordered by the network.

If you think the show is another in the long line of bottom-feeding garbage that we have seen in the reality world, you might be right. You would probably also be surprised to find out that the naked dating reality show will be produced by Lighthearted Entertainment, the production company that brings us Extreme Makeover and The Moment of Truth. I’m not saying that those shows are the height of TV programming, but the naked dating reality show sure does seem to be a bit of a departure from their normal fare.

Each episode of the naked dating show will feature a man and a woman who go on dates with two different suitors. As  you might have guessed from the premise of the show, all of the people on the date will be naked.  The purpose of this we are told is to remove all preconceived notions and prejudices to allow couples to see each other exactly as they are, bare to the world. The male and female will then go on their dates, and talk about what they learned about themselves and the people they were dating.

Very deep stuff.

Here is what Susan Levinson (pictured), the Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Production at VH1, had to say about why they decided to buy this show:

“At first, this seems like a show that’s all about a noisy, provocative hook. But when you go deeper, it’s really about something that we can all relate to — the search for true love. It’s also a series with heart and masterful storytelling — both earmarks of an engaging, must-watch show.”

So in her mind, people might tune in at first because of the provocative nature of the show, naked people dating each other. But she then thinks that the storytelling and heart of the show will be the reason people are watching? Yes. I believe that. I’m sure that is exactly what they talked about in the VH1 board room when this show was discussed.

I’m sure that all of the people we are going to see on this show will be regular folks right? I mean since this show is all about the story and not the salacious nature of nudity, then they don’t have to be models right? Be on the lookout for 6-pack abs and fake boobs galore as VH1 will decide that the story can only be told by people with a body fat percentage of 5% or less.

For the record, I’m not opposed to this show. I’ll be watching whenever this thing airs but trust me, I won’t be watching for the storytelling or the heart. Neither will anyone else who is watching. Trust me on that.