MTV’S Buck Wild

mtv's buck wildSo we run a story on how one of the founders of MWTVG has been mysteriously missing for the last 3 days and we get no response.  Our website stats seemed to indicate that only 3 of our followers even read the post so for the 3 of you who are reading this, enjoy. If you are finding us very late in the game, welcome. We are happy to have you and I’m sure you are incredibly impressed by our site and our wit and professionalism. I’d be willing to bet that we have immediately converted you to a life long fan after you read this awesome post.  Am I right?

No, you guys seem to be more interested in a new show, MTV’S BUCK WILD.  You know the one that is like JERSEY SHORE just set in the south.

We feel we have a duty to continue on in MIDWEST MIKE’S absence and that means bringing the viewers what they want.  So here is a promo for BUCK WILD, which premiers January 3rd.  So watch the clip in MIDWEST MIKE’S honor, it’s what he would have wanted.

Clip from MTV’s Buck Wild


Buck Wild airs on MTV and is surely a sign that the end times are near.