Most Racist Commercial… EVER?

EDIT #3:  Found one from a news broadcast.

EDIT #2:  MIDWEST MARK here again… Pepsi worked quickly to pull as many of these as they could.  I will continue looking for a permenant link that actually works… stay tuned!

EDIT (Midwest Mike): Pepsi is trying to pull this video off the internet completely.  The original video that Midwest Mark posted was pulled by YouTube after a complaint from Pepsi.  I went and found another.  They are trying to get ahead of the storm of controversy that this commercial has created and now they are trying to hide their shame.  Let’s not let them bury this.

With a tip of our hats to Pepsico, Mountain Dew and TYLER, THE CREATOR, they have collaborated, created and delivered (and subsequently/immediately pulled) what might very well be the most racist commercial in the history of television as an advertising medium.  Could it be more racist than the aforementioned Discover Card commercial?  Methinks yes.  Check it out for yourselves:


I understand that it’s cool and hip to get a celebrity to create and/or star in a company’s ads, but I’m pretty sure any positive amount of street cred that Mountain Dew was aiming for evaporated in the first 15 seconds.  Are you telling me that not one Pepsico executive previewed this sucker before sending to their marketing channels?  Let’s safely assume somebody got fired for this.

Does it make any difference that TYLER, THE CREATOR is himself black?  That’s way too nuanced for me to wrap my MWTVG mind around, but somebody in TYLER, THE CREATOR’S camp obviously thinks it’s fine with a response to the uproar posted here.

After very recently learning who TYLER, THE CREATOR is (literally about 10 minutes ago), I never realized that commas were appropriate name-punctuation.  I’m considering upgrading to MIDWEST, MARK.  Possibly MIDWEST; MARK?  That’s right, I went straight into semicolon territory… go bold or go home.