Mo’s Musings 11-4-15

It’s been awhile since I wrote a Mo’s Musing segment, mostly cause you guys don’t care nearly as much about my thoughts as I do.  But still I push on as this is a good way to talk about various shows without making it a whole blog post.  Without further adieu…

Mo’s Musings 11-4-15



I went after Supergirl pretty hard after the premier (link) for all the way over the top in girls are just as good boys rhetoric.  I watched the second episode and it was bad, but I have to give but there was a moment where Calista Flockhart’s character (Supergirl’s boss) made me cheer.

After about 40 minutes of Supergirl stomping around being mad that she wasn’t in charge of everything even though she’s only been a superhero for like 9 minutes, Calista’s character laid her out.  She went off on her about how you have to put in your time and a lot of hard work to get ahead and that just because you are a twenty something who’s parent’s never said no, you don’t get anywhere without effort.  I’m watching it and I’m like, “Finally, someone spoke rudely to a Millennial.”

If it were real life, I’m sure Calista’s character would be of to HR to talk about how she hurt Supergirl’s feelings.




GrandfatheredFor the most part, Grandfathered is a very serviceable sitcom.  Especially in a day and age where there’s only about 5 sitcoms on TV.

However, it seems for last nights episode it seems they got in the way back machine and went back to the 70’s for material.  John Stamos character meets a hot chick while he has his grandson and he’s ashamed to tell her that he’s the grandfather and so instead he says he’s the father.  What could go wrong?

Oh, she’s the admissions directer at an uppity preschool that you want the child to attend.  First the odds are simply staggering that this would happen.  Second, where does this premise ever even remotely play out in real life.

For me it’s what makes the who Life In Pieces so funny.  The situations they deal with are like what happen in your life, only funnier cause you’re not really that interesting or funny.


Anyways, that’s it’ for this episode or Mo’s Musings.  Tune in to future posts where I insult your wife and kids and probably your family pet.