Mo’s Musings – 10/29/13

I’ve discussed this many times, but what’s the deal with every single female being on the phone while driving.  I live in the Chicago suburbs and it’s not safe to be on the road after the kids are in school.  That’s when every suburban mother driving an SUV that looks like it is used by the Army to transport platoons comes out on the streets.  They’ll run you over without missing a beat in discussing what happened on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy with her friend.


  • Nashville – I’m taking one for the team here and am attempting to get current with this show so that we can discuss it with our 4 female followers.  I’m 2 episodes into the first season and my initial thought is kill me, kill me now.  Connie Britton was so much nicer on Friday Night Lights.  The show has a Jersey Shore feel to it in that everybody is fighting all the time and they all sleep with each other.  Hell, a lot of them even have pretty dark tans.


  • Hot Chicks – In yesterday’s around the web I had a link to an article where Katy Perry was discussing how there was too much sexualization in music.  One of our readers hilariously countered that he likes looking at hot chicks and might lose it if he couldn’t anymore.  I agree with him.  There’s a war on out there against hot chicks.  If you watch TV or use the internet it’s almost impossible to find a naked hot chick.  Rest assured, we will continue to fight the good fight over here.


  • Gapers Block – we don’t know these guys, but they recently linked one of our articles so I had to check out their website.  Suffice it to say they are much bigger and way more professional than us and probably would prefer to keep a safe distance from our antics.  Since that’s never stopped us in the past, go check out their website.  It’s all Chicago all the time over there.