Mo’s Musings – 10/24/13

I’m not fat, I’m big boned is something I wish I could say about myself.  I mean maybe I have bones that are larger than average, I don’t know, I’ve never actually seen them.  I’ve seen pictures of them.

You have to love Chicago weather.  It goes from 75 to 28 in the span of about 4 hours.  Why do we live here?  Oh right, we are all waiting to see the Cubs win the world series.

I know, I know let’s get into Mo’s Musings.  You know, let’s talk.

  • Mustachesonly 3 guys are allowed to sport the traditional mustache look (I’m not here to criticize beards FYI) – Tom Selleck, Ron Swanson, and any porn star.  I’m watching Back in the Game and the guy she’s interesting in boinking is sporting a “french tickler”.  Of course he turns out to be a douche.  It should have been so obvious to her, he had a mustache.


  • Ground Floor – raise your hand if you knew that TBS has a new show from one of our favorite producers Bill Lawrence (Scrubs & Cougar Town) airing tonight.  Of course you didn’t.  Come on TBS, this show is a perfect Summer show but you are putting it up against football?  Good luck with that.  I guarantee you this, it has to be better than the awful Sullivan & Sons.


  • Universal Studios – I went with the family to Universal last winter and it was awesome.  The kids loved the Harry Potter ride, which got me thinking.  The movie themed rides are always so popular at Universal Studios.  Is anybody talking about a 50 Shades of Grey ride?

We will be happy to forward any suggestions you may have as to what this ride would actually look like.

So that’s today’s musings and as always, this is Midwest Mo saying (insert something awesome here).