Mo’s Musings – 10/22/13

One of our readers suggested that Mo’s Musings reminded her of coffee talk with Linda Richman.  That just makes me so emotional, I’m getting choked up over here.  I’m not sure I can continue.

OK, I’m fine now so let’s talk.

  • Flash Forward – have you ever been watching a show and thought to yourself, I wish they’d flash forward to some event that is going to occur in the future, get me all excited and what not and then bam, go back and start the story from some point in the past.  Of course you haven’t because you’re not a crazy person.  Yet every director out there feels the need to employ this annoying gimmick.  I’ve begged and pleaded for this to stop without any success.  I have an old blue Toyota Camry and am not afraid to use it to run you over with it.  It’s a hybrid so I’d be saving the earth while I do it.  I asked around and the math checks out.
  • St. Louis Cardinals – as a life long Cubs fan, how are the Cardinals so successful?  I’ve been told that Theo Epstein really knows what he’s doing and he’s rebuilding the right way, whatever the hell that means.  All I know is that the Cubs have lost almost 200 games in the past 2 years.  The Chicago area is 3 times the size of the St Louis area and yet they outdrew the Cubs by 500,000 people.  I’m not saying I believe in curses, but man I don’t know why I don’t anymore.  Bottom line, being a Cubs fan is pretty dam embarrassing.  If I ever meet Theo Epstein our conversation might go a little something like this, “Hello.  My name is Midwest Mo.  You killed my Cubs.  Prepare to die.”
  • Answering A Question – Every show on TV does this thing where one of the characters will ask a question that we’ve all waited the entire episode for an answer.  Any normal person would follow socially accepted guidelines and respond to the question, but this is TV land.  Instead, how about we longingly stare at each other for a few seconds and then cut away.  If this continues I’ll be forced to get Andy Sipowicz involved.  He’ll get me some answers.  Anybody miss the short sleeve dress shirt and tie combo?  I know I do.

That’s it for Midwest Mo’s Musing, and as usual (insert awesome catch phrase here).

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  1. Julie Cooper // October 22, 2013 at 10:50 am //

    Yes, I miss the short sleeve dress shirt and tie combo – so handsomely nerdy.
    (And I always employ the melodramatic pause in my every day life after someone asks me a question. I also like to look away with a distraught expression on my face.)

    What really gets my goat on TV is when they don’t say “bye” before ending a phone conversation. Because in real life, when someone does that to you, you know he/she is a real douchebag. In TV land, it’s perfectly acceptable. But it leaves me empty and unfulfilled. Just say “bye” for Pete’s sake!!

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