Mo’s Musings – 10/18/13

Time for another installment of Midwest Mo’s Musings.  I know you’re thinking, why what did I do wrong.  You know what you did.

Special shout out to my therapist who’s helping me hate people less.  I hate you.  She’s not very good.


  • John Capaulo – On WGN Morning News they had this guy on to promote his show at Zanies in Rosement (we don’t get paid for any of this FYI, what’s up with that).  They asked him his thoughts on the government shutdown.  He was like, I don’t understand government but I assumed it’s like a power outage with a lot of old people calling their friends saying stuff like, “Hey our governments out.  You got any government over there?”  Maybe you had to be there, I thought it was funny.
  • Sean Saves The World – I feel like the writers are watching Three’s Company reruns to get their plot ideas.  Oh my goodness, wouldn’t it be funny if the boss misunderstood something and then went ahead and acted on that information.  Misunderstandings are funny.
  • The Crazy Ones – How many episodes before Robin William’s schtick gets old?  For me it was last night, but maybe you are younger then me and haven’t seen this act 400 times already.
  • Dax Shepard – I don’t like this guy and it doesn’t help that he just married the ridiculously hot Kristen Bell.  I know you’re thinking I’m just jealous and you’d be 98% correct.  But a few years ago I watched what may well have been the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen called Idiocracy.  That’s 84 minutes I’ll never get back and he’s never once apologized for his role in that train wreck.

So that’s it for Midwest Mo’s Musings.  As usual (insert awesome catch phrase here).

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  1. Julie Cooper // October 20, 2013 at 9:14 pm //

    Lol. This post reminds me so much of Coffee Talk with Linda Richman.

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