Monday Mornings on TNT

monday morningsTNT premiered a new medical drama tonight called Monday Mornings.  After seeing commercials for the show, I was looking forward to the premiere.  After watching said premiere, I am hugely disappointed.

There are plenty of medical dramas out there.  It’s been done over and over and over and over.  Monday Mornings is a medical show that was going to take a bit of a different approach.  The title of the show, Monday Mornings, refers to the Monday morning morbidity and mortality conference.  We’ve seen these meetings done in random instances over the years on different medical shows but there has never been a show that would make this conference the focus of the show.  Well at least that is what the commercials made the point of the show out to be.

I was not very impressed with the premiere.  Monday Mornings felt very much like a wannabe Gray’s Anatomy (which isn’t a good thing because that show sucks) and there was nothing at all interesting or compelling about any of the doctors, including Ving Rhames’s character.

To have a show that is focused on M&M meetings means that week after week, the doctors will be killing someone.  If the pilot episode is going to be the road map, we can expect two M&M conferences per episode with one conference focused on a mistake and one conference focused on a mistake but one that is ok because the offending doctor is so brilliant and conflicted with just the right amount of facial hair and long, dreamy hair to make it all ok.  Because in medicine, it’s important not to be not attractive if you are going to kill people with mistakes.

MONDAY MORNINGSAlfred Molina plays Chief of Staff Dr. Harding Hooten.  He plays his character just like every other Chief of Staff character in every medical show ever.  He’s a jerk.  Hospital Chiefs of Staff and Police Captains seem to be very similar.  They are both angry all the time and no one around them can do anything right.  In Dr. Hooten’s case, he leads the M&M conferences in the style of a CIA water boarding.  From what I can tell about M&M conferences, they are supposed to be about learning, not about punishing or humiliating.  Dr. Hooten didn’t get that memo.

The problems don’t end there.  There is also a Korean doctor who speaks English in single syllables.  I don’t have a problem with the Korean doctor bit but the horribly broken English is terrible and not at all believable.  What’s worse is that this doctor is leading a team from the Island of Misfit toys.  Every one of the medical students on his team is from another country and every one of them speaks English using single words in the form of grunts and noises.  Why do all the foreign medical students need to be with the foreign doctor?  Whats up with that TNT?

Seeing as this was just the pilot episode of Monday Mornings, I’m willing to give it another episode or two to see if the writers and producers start to get things figured out.  Shows often head in different directions after their pilots so I’m willing to give Monday Mornings another chance to see if they can improve.  I still like the concept and they have a framework that can be successful.  They are on thin ice though.  One or two more bad weeks and we will all be having our own M&M conference for the death of Monday Mornings (clever huh?  Thats professional writing there folks).

If you are interested in watching Monday Mornings, you can catch it on TNT Mondays at 9:00.